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Case Studies

0 to 10k Traffic in just 4 months for a CBD e-commerce in the USA

This CBD and essential oil vendor was struggling to get traffic in its website. We first discovered the content potential in the CBD and essential oil niche. We understood that the best way to get search traffic in a new website in this niche is to develop the best content in the industry. We took over a month to research the content topics, and published top-notch articles during the next month. We received almost immediate results. Within the next few months, the site received more than 10K traffic. 

Multilingual SEO Case Study

Penalty recovery in 6 months for a Biotech e-commerce and over 270% growth

The website was in the health industry.  They experienced a massive traffic drop due to Google’s core update. Before the penalty, they had had over 2.5M sales from search traffic, but after the drop, it got down to 1.5 Million. We started the penalty recovery plan 3 months  after the penalty (February). 4 months (June) later, the site started getting the traffic back after implementing our penalty recovery strategy, . After 6 months, the traffic got doubled, and the sales recovered as well. BTW, the brand is huge. They have over 30k+ brand search volume.


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Healthcare SEO consulting involves optimizing the online presence of medical practices to attract patients searching for healthcare services. It’s essential because effective SEO ensures your practice is visible when potential patients are seeking medical solutions, leading to increased appointments and patient engagement.

A healthcare SEO expert understands the nuances of the medical industry. They conduct thorough keyword research and create content that addresses patient concerns. By optimizing your website, they help your practice rank higher in search results and connect with patients seeking your services.

Yes, healthcare SEO consulting benefits both individual practitioners and larger medical facilities. It allows individual healthcare professionals to establish themselves as experts in their field, while medical facilities can attract more patients by showcasing their services and expertise online.

A proficient healthcare SEO consultant is well-versed in medical regulations and guidelines. They create content that provides accurate and valuable information without violating any rules. By staying up-to-date with medical standards, they help your website rank while maintaining ethical and legal compliance.

Absolutely. Healthcare SEO consulting helps you create content that addresses patients’ needs and concerns. By providing valuable information and building trust, you enhance patient engagement and increase the likelihood of appointments, contributing to the growth of your medical practice.

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