Link Building Outreach: A Complete Guide

Link Building Outreach - A Complete Guide

Backlinks are one of the major ranking factors for websites to appear at the top of search results. Quality backlinks can enhance a website’s SEO to generate brand image while building substantial credibility.

High-quality link building demands content awareness and good knowledge of sales and marketing. Although a lot of information is available on the internet, they are scattered all over.

In this article, we will discuss the following things.

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When credible websites refer to a business website for its incredible information, it becomes an authority in its niche. Websites can get these backlinks organically or by outreaching out to others. 

While organic backlinks are the best possible link-building process, it takes substantial time and effort. Therefore, businesses often contact external organizations to ask for a backlink that points to their sites. This whole process is considered a link-building outreach. 

Link-building outreach can be a crucial part of businesses to journey towards success. Therefore, it is crucial that businesses develop an outreach strategy to improve the chances of receiving responses and backlinks from other businesses.

When to Start Link-Building Outreach Campaign?

Businesses should start outreaching for link-building right after they have generated carefully crafted content. With high-quality content in place, a business can unlock high-quality backlinks that can help it in its future endeavors. However, simply publishing content cannot satisfy the needs of the website.

Businesses must first determine what kind of backlinks they want and where. Then they can start making appropriate types of content to earn those backlinks. Thus, it may seem reasonable that a business needs to plan its content and backlinks together and start outreaching out right after there are quite a few blogs, infographics, or video content.

Best Link-Building Outreach Tools

When choosing tools for link-building outreach, these are the factors one should look for:

  • Identifying backlink gaps
  • Finding email address
  • Find niche relevant link opportunities
  • Find prospecting link-building opportunities

SEMrush, Ahrefs, BuzzStream, and Moz Link Explorer are some of the phenomenal tools that can help in this manner. These tools can help businesses with other SEO practices as well.

However, not all tools are designed to conduct everything for link-building outreach. Therefore, combining several tools to get the best results for link-building outreach is wise.

Navigating several tools may seem a problem and require a certain learning period. Also, paid tools can cost much for a business. Thus, businesses can hire agencies that have all the necessary tools to conduct link building. It will save time and effort for the business and bring excellent results. Read this article; I’ve explained the best link-building tool for outreach. It might help you to find the best one.

A link-building outreach program needs to be smart to bring results. Therefore, businesses need to conduct thorough research and build a proper strategy to reach out to prospects that can give them valuable backlinks. 

Here are the 5 steps businesses can adopt to build a magnificent outreach campaign:

Step 1: Find Prospects

Every good strategy starts by finding the right prospects. While building links, businesses need to find the relevant niche and businesses that can benefit them. Using a link-building tool can reduce hassle for businesses in this manner.

If businesses don’t want to invest in a tool to find prospects, they can simply Google their competitors and find out where they are getting their backlinks. They can list those sites in a spreadsheet with relevant metrics if they are a good match. 

Once the list has enough prospects, businesses can go for the next step in their link-building campaign.

Step 2: Contacting Prospects

As the businesses have listed out their prospects, they should now start reaching out to ask for backlinks. So here are the steps to reaching out to businesses and websites for backlinks.

  • Find out the email addresses of the prospects. In some cases, the email addresses will be available on the website. If not, using tools like can help in finding those addresses.
  • If businesses are not utilizing link-building tools, they should find out if the owners of the websites are on social media. This can help outreach practice a lot.
  • Go through the website to learn thoroughly about their blogs. Also, check out their social media pages if available to get more information. 
  • Determine how your business can help them in their endeavors. 
  • Craft an appealing email to reach out to the prospects. Personalize the email to show your brand image and how you can uphold their brand image.

If you have done all these steps right, the business will soon contact you to take your link-building opportunity a step further. 

Note: Before contact, I recommend you check the website’s quality. It needs to be up to the mark. In this article, I’ve explained how you can check backlink quality.

Step 3: Negotiate

Once the business has reached out, it’s time to negotiate. There are several methods of backlink outreach that need to be clarified and negotiated. 

While negotiating, businesses should keep in mind that both parties should gain benefit from the deal. Otherwise, there may not even be a deal to consider.

Be straightforward about how both businesses can benefit from the backlink. If you have to pay for the backlink, make sure the backlink is worth it. Also, from which content you are getting backlinks is also relevant during negotiation.

Step 4: Deal

Once you have set out the terms for the backlinks, you can now deal with the business. These deals should contain all the necessary circumstances and the matters that both parties agreed on.

Tips: In this phase, you can talk about post longevity, article length, media you can use, social sharing, and more.

Step 5: Close

Once the deal is signed, start generating content for getting backlinks. It should be a constant practice and done with precision. Once you get the backlinks, the deal is closed, and your website domain authority is enhanced.

As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to outreach for backlinks. We are going to discuss 7 of them here. All of them are quite effective and can bring excellent success to a business. 

1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the exceptional methods for businesses to generate backlinks for authoritative sites. Here, the business reaches out to authoritative sites with appealing content for the platform and asks them to b\publish it with a backlink directly to the business website.

There are three steps to conduct this backlink outreach:

  • Listing out authoritative blog sites of the business niche.
  • Request a guest post
  • Delivering content with appropriate links

Make sure that the content delivered is up to the mark of the website. Also, while reaching out, make sure to craft your message properly so that you get a response from the authoritative site. 

2. Press Release

In this outreach strategy, businesses reach out to relevant influencers, media outlets, and journalists to introduce their business and build relationships while increasing brand awareness. Media coverage can come in very handy in this manner.

To conduct this press release backlink, you can follow these four steps:

  • List all the sites in your niche that publish press/news
  • Create appealing content that grabs attention( News type)
  • Peach the content you have created to those sites owner.
  • The most press asks for your business information and submits that properly.

This technique can bring excellent business results if the pitch appeals to the right audience.

There are instances when two websites with similar domain authority can benefit from each other. In such cases, link exchange outreach can bring massive growth for both websites.

As the name suggests, here websites offer each other backlinks for related content. However, if the websites have massive differences between the website authority, this outreach method may not work.

Here are the two steps to conduct this outreach strategy:

  • Find out prospects with closer domain authority and discover scopes to enrich
  • Outreach to the website and contact them with link exchange opportunities

When both websites find out that this opportunity can benefit them, it will bring out the best results.

Note: Don’t go for massive link exchange. It can be harmful to your website.’

This may be one of the finest opportunities for websites for link-building outreach. Here, websites find out the broken links and reach out to solve the problem. It is one of the most practiced link-building outreach methods for businesses.

Here are the steps to conduct this outreach:

  • Find out broken links in authority websites and list them
  • Reach out to the website and pitch ideas on how this problem can be resolved
  • Generate appealing content that is worthy of getting a backlink for the broken link

This link-building outreach can be costly as one needs to use link-building tools to find enough broken links. If one does this manually, one will need to invest much time in finding the broken links and reaching out to the websites.

5. Scholarship Campaign

The scholarship is a great method to acquire backlinks. Businesses can significantly boost their domain authority in this outreach program by getting backlinks from trusted and relevant sources. In this backlink-building outreach, businesses reach out to popular authoritative universities.

Here are the steps to scholarship campaign outreach:

  • Building a contact list for universities that is relevant to your business niche
  • Include a scholarship program on your webpage with relevant information
  • Outreach to universities with the scholarship opportunity 
  • Track results to find out how many backlinks are pointed toward the scholarship page
  • Grant the scholarship award

This backlink outreach program may cost a significant amount. However, it can offer excellent opportunities and allow the business to hire a better workforce for the future. It can significantly enhance the brand image of a business as well.

6. The Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper link-building technique deals with finding high-ranking content with lots of backlinks and capitalizing on its weaknesses. Here businesses build much better content to snatch all the backlinks of the high-authority content.

So, here are the steps to conduct the skyscraper technique:

  • List out high-performing articles in your business niche
  • Generate content accordingly that fills the gaps of the high-performing ones
  • Reach out to domains to get backlinks for the better content you created

In this method, businesses should really invest in generating better content that contains high values and doesn’t have much weakness.

In the link round-up outreach method, businesses are reaching out to other people’s blog posts on a periodic basis. These blogs are themed around related topics of the blog that hosts them. Businesses can find these blogs in virtual space in any niche.

One can simply use google search to find out content to get backlinks. Simply write “niche + link roundup” on the Google search bar to find out content to ask for backlinks.

This can bring businesses much traffic to their website and boost SEO further. Additionally, it can help businesses to build relationships as well. 

5 Tips to Improve Outreach Success Ratio

As we have discussed the ways to outreach, success can vary a lot depending on the approach. So, here we are giving you 5 excellent tips to utilize to boost your outreach success:

1. Send Customized Email

While reaching out, businesses need to uphold their brand image and mention how they can help boost the website’s success. And businesses will need to react to multiple websites for these backlinks. 

Therefore, crafting a customized template can improve outreach success significantly. This template needs to contain a solid brand image for the business and have enough space to personalize as well.

2. Communication Skills

Solid communication can enhance the success of link-building outreach significantly. Businesses need to remember that they are connecting with another human being while outreaching. Therefore, they need to make the conversation interesting and fill it with value.

While communicating with other businesses, mentioning how giving out backlinks can generate value for the other business is mandatory. Otherwise, the chance of scoring backlinks will be very slim.

3. Use Email Tracking

After sending an email, you need to track whether or not your targeted prospect opened the email. While outreaching out, businesses should utilize email tracking to pinpoint where the other website is in terms of the sales cycle. It will help businesses to tweak their messages to fit the intent as smoothly as possible. 

There are several tools that can help businesses in this manner. When a business can track where they are in terms of building links with a website, it will help it with some extra advantage to enhance the success ratio for its link-building outreach.

4. Utilize Different Approach

A high-authority website receives a significant amount of approaches for backlinks. Therefore, using tired methods may not work in your favor. So, you need to be strategic while approaching websites for backlinks.

Make your outreach mail interesting to tap into the other party’s interest. You can research the other party’s online presence and social media to personalize your outreach and stand out from the crowd.

5. Show Expertise

Last but not least, show your expertise while reaching out to other websites. It will make the website owners intrigued to work with your business. Therefore, you will be more successful in getting the backlinks for your websites.

Bottom Line

Link-building outreach requires precision and top-notch strategy. When businesses can combine these factors, they can boost their SEO success while generating a better brand image for their business.

If you follow the above-mentioned strategies, it will bring substantial success to your link-building outreach. However, if it still feels overwhelming, contact us to get a better understanding.

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