Tiktok SEO Strategy: A Blueprint to Increase Visibility

TikTok SEO Strategy

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the current world with over millions of daily active users. A lot of active users means a lot of opportunities for influencers and businesses as well.

But this is not as simple as it seems. So many users mean so many creators, which can be your top competitors. So, how do we deal with it?

Well! Here, all you have to do is be smart and follow some TikTok SEO strategies. Don’t get scared listening to the word “SEO,” as most people do. To achieve success on TikTok, you only need to follow a few simple SEO steps.

Importance of TikTok SEO

TikTok SEO plays a major role in increasing content visibility and engagement. It gives you a better understanding of what people are looking for and how your content can reach them. Isn’t it a good thing to know what people want to look for and provide them with the exact thing to get more views? 

In the beginning, it was very easy to get ranked on TikTok search, but now that there are millions of creators on TikTok, it is getting very difficult to go viral. In such a case, using proper SEO strategies like proper keywords on videos, hashtags, and audience analysis can help you a lot to get the desired views. 

In simple words, TikTok SEO is very important to increase content visibility and keep your content ahead of competitors. Let’s see how you can properly use TikTok’s marketing strategy. 

10 TitkTok Marketing Strategy

Strategy always keeps a business one step ahead of the competition. So, if you want to succeed using TikTok, then the strategies below can help you a lot. Let’s learn and be a pro!

1. Know your audience

Credit: SimilarWeb

The ultimate goal of working on a social site is to reach your content’s target audience and generate leads. So, you have to create something valuable, which requires knowing your audience. If you know what your audience wants, it becomes easier to create content and get it seen.

Now the big question is: how can I know my audience? Well, the best way to know the audience is by looking at audience feedback. But for the new profile, it may not be possible. For that, viewing competitors’ successful content can be another option that can give you an idea of the types of content people prefer and talk about. Also, you can analyze people’s interactions between different types of content. 

For example, people go for content that contains interesting titles and quality videos. By analyzing competitors, you can learn a lot about your target audience.

So, make sure you know enough about your audience’s wants and behavior before making any content on TikTok. It will greatly assist you in creating useful content that will assist you in reaching your ultimate goal.

2. Research Proper Keyword

TikTok Keyword Research Technique

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of TikTok’s content marketing strategy. As your primary goal is to get views, you must research keywords to find ones that have enough search volume and less competition.

Let’s see how you can research keywords for TikTok videos:

Following the trend is the best way to get views on social media. It doesn’t matter if you are a Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok creator; trendy keywords can give you an instant boost. To find keywords from TikTok trends, simply go to the “for you” page and find out trending keywords, then create your content based on those keywords in a better way.

II. Keyword Research Tools:

The keyword research tool is very helpful for finding out keywords that have huge potential with little competition. There are so many tools like Keyword Planner (free), Moz, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, etc. that can help you find some untapped keywords. All you have to do is search keywords based on your target audience and look at the search volume to see what topics people are more interested in.

For example, your target audience is women who love makeup, and for this, you can search on the keyword research tool using seed keywords like “TikTok makeup challenge, beauty products on TikTok, TikTok makeup tutorial, etc.” and see all related keywords and their search volume.

In most cases, paid tools suggest thousands of keywords, which are not all focused on TikTok. To make it more specific, you can filter the search by “word including TikTok” to know which topic people are interested in.

III. Competitor Analysis:

Sometimes you can get keyword ideas from your competitors. Not only that, a deep analysis will give you an idea of where they made mistakes and where they did an outstanding job. So, this will give you keyword ideas as well as strategic ideas. That is why it is important to look at how well your competitors are doing, note their good keywords, and create that exact content in a better way.

Like the Google search bar, the TikTok search bar also shows keyword suggestions when you start typing on it. You may not have noticed, but this is a great way to find keywords easily. Here you have to start typing with the seed keyword, and the search bar will show some suggestions that you have to note down.

For example, your target audience is women, and you are looking for shampoo-related keywords. At that time, you can simply search “best shampoo,” and then you will see some suggestions later.

From the suggestions, you may use some of these keywords or add a single alphabet or word after the seed keyword to get more suggestions. By continuing this practice, you can get your desired keyword.

V. Audience Feedback:

It is good practice to read audience feedback to know what they like, dislike, and want from your channel. Not only that, it can give you an idea of which keywords your audience wants. Sometimes some audiences suggest some keyword topics to cover, which helps a lot in finding keywords. For that, look at the comments of your video and get an idea of the most wanted topic’s keywords.

3. In-depth Competitor Research

There are a lot of things to learn from your competitors. And the best part is that it provides a lot of ideas quickly and for free! So, simply use the TikTok search bar and type some popular keywords related to your niche, and note down some creators. When you are done, go to each profile and see how they pick the topic and how to cover it. By deeply comparing your profile to that of your competitor, you will find out how to succeed. The profile ranked at the top must follow some good strategy as they are already at the peak, beating so many competitors. As a result, learn from comprehensive competitor research.

4. Hashtag Research

How to research hashtag on TikTok

On social media, hashtags work great for increasing content’s visibility to the target audience. That’s why you can see there are so many featured TikTok posts with so many hashtags. But it does not mean any hashtag can lift your post; you have to use a proper hashtag related to your content and niche.

Let’s see an example to make it more clear to you. Imagine a TikTok profile that works for marketing men’s products such as perfume. The hashtag should be something like “#perfumeformen #bestmenperfume #perfume #bestsmellingperfume #mensfashion.”

However, to get the best visibility using hashtags, it is very important to do hashtag research. Tools like Hashtagify and Hashtag Expert help a lot in finding the top hashtag that is often searched by the audience. After getting the most relevant hashtag, it’s time to use it in the content description, caption, and comments.

5. Video Content Optimization

As TikTok is mainly based on video content, your video must be optimized to get the desired engagement. It doesn’t matter how well you have researched your competitor, added hashtags, and written descriptions; without a well-optimized video, you can’t get your expected views.

For that, you have to make sure your video content provides value to your target audience. To make your video more attractive, you can use a video editing tool like Adobe Express to make your content look good. Using tools, you can add a supportive voice, add subtitles, balance color, add fame, etc. to make your video content interesting.

And when you are done with video optimization, it’s time to upload it to TikTok apps. Here, you have to add a suitable keyword to the title, add a relevant hashtag to the description, and then follow some simple steps to publish it.

6. Paid Boost (TikTok Ads)

TikTok Paid Ads Interface

Sometimes it becomes difficult to get the desired engagement from video content. This generally happens due to common SEO mistakes or too much competition for necessary keywords. In addition, when the content reaches a mass audience that is not your target audience, it can also result in poor engagement. So how do you deal with this type of situation? Don’t get scared if you face a situation like that.

TikTok Ads is the best option for promoting content to the most relevant audience. This media may be costly, but it is guaranteed to deliver content to the intended audience, which may result in leads for your business or service. It is very simple to run TikTok ads. To run ads, you have to log in at https://ads.tiktok.com/, follow some simple steps, and then provide payment options.

7. Performance Tracking

Tracking performance is essential to setting up your own unique strategy. You can use TikTok analytics to know your individual content’s performance and make it even better. Using analytics on a daily basis can help you understand which types of posts get the most views and which fade quickly. So, use the performance tracking tool to find low-performing videos and figure out what the reason behind the poor performance is.

8. Promote Content on other platforms

Content promotion beyond TikTok can give you impressive benefits. Doing that can bring traffic from other platforms, which can increase your video views and profile followers, and for business, it can bring leads as well.

Not only that, but sharing content on other platforms can boost your TikTok content’s visibility. It is because TikTok gives priority to content that has been shared on different platforms. This can help your content rank higher on TikTok search and sometimes be featured on Google search for a specific keyword.

9. Post Content Regularly

The TikTok algorithm positively responds to a profile that consistently posts content, which can benefit the profile owner. Not only that, followers prefer to engage with these profiles that post content regularly. You have to keep in mind that not every post will bring top-level views; you have to keep working to post quality content regularly. The more you post, the more overall views you will get.

10. Increase Engagement

There are so few effective ways to increase content engagement. In some ways, it requires just proper methods to follow and automatically brings engagement. For example, using high-CTA titles, asking questions to the audience through video, and working on trending topics. Where other methods like running campaigns, hosting challenges, and doing giveaways require some effort, they bring the most engagement from the target audience. 

Apart from these, sharing other helpful content, interacting with viewers’ comments, and collaborating with others all help a lot to get top-level engagement from TikTok videos. And guess what? The more engagement a piece of content receives to build an audience, the more likely it is to appear on the TikTok home page, TikTok search, and a search engine’s result page.

With these strategies in one place, you can increase the visibility and reach of your content and ultimately drive conversions and growth for your business. So, start practicing these TikTok marketing strategies today and improving your SEO day by day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does TikTok use SEO?

Yes, TikTok uses SEO to help users find the most relevant content that matches their interests.

How can I improve my SEO TikTok?

To improve your TikTok SEO, you have to use relevant keywords in your captions, add proper hashtags, and create shareable content. You also have to interact with your users through likes and comments to increase engagement.

How do I optimize TikTok content?

The very first thing I do is select a keyword that has huge potential, and then I totally focus on my video quality. I edit my video using software and add vocals and subtitles to it. Then I upload it using a high-CTR title, hashtag, and description.

What are the keywords in TikTok?

Keywords can be single words or a sentence that people use to search for something using the TikTok search bar. And content that uses that keyword in its title is shown in the search results. That’s why adding keywords to TikTok titles is very important.

What is TikTok’s marketing strategy?

TikTok is mainly focused on influencer marketing, where one can promote brands, products, or services. This marketing strategy is very effective as it is based on user-generated content.

What are the top 3 SEO strategies?

The top 3 SEO strategies are

  1. Keyword Research.
  2. Create content based on keywords.
  3. Use the main keyword and multiple related hashtags in the title and description.

How do I optimize TikTok content?

To optimize TikTok content, first I make sure to use the main keyword in the video title, adding some clickable words to it. Then check the most relevant hashtags and add video descriptions. And finally, I check the quality of the video and edit it if necessary before posting it. Once I have finished applying the pre-post TikTok SEO strategy, I get focused on the after-post strategy.

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