Boost Your SEO With My Link Building Case Study: Results & Insights

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Off-page SEO has changed and it can drive sales and traffic. In this link building case study, I have explained how I generate huge sales and tons of referral traffic from a link-building campaign for a new website.

Let’s get started.

From the beginning of SEO, many SEO experts are doing backlinks just to pass link juice. But we trying to change the meaning of backlinks. We come up with a different off-page SEO strategy. Following that, that will not only passes link juice but also drive sales.

A Backlink campaign needs to be strategic and well planned. I’m testing this new method for several websites. It’s working very magic.

30k Sales by Just 1 HVC Backlink - Ecommece SEO Project

I started the campaign in February, and by the end of August, we succeeded in driving huge in sales from the campaign. The conversion rate was 26.72% which is great.

Now started to scale the campaign and bring 100k sales from the off Page SEO campaign.

Getting 3500 Traffic From 1 Backlink- Backlink Case Study
Ranked KD40 Keyword in Just 2 Months Through HVC Backlink

How To Start an HVC Link-Building Campaign

In this article, I’ll share the exact way I followed to achieve this success. Here’re the 4 simple steps that we followed to do that:

Step 1: Build an in-depth Off-page SEO Strategy

An effective SEO strategy is very important if you want to succeed in SEO. An ideal SEO strategy should have some goals that you have to achieve from the campaign.

Here’re some things we implemented in our SEO strategy.

1. Connection Building

As you already know, our strategic goal is slightly different from other backlink campaigns. That’s why I focus on building connections. When I started conversion from at the very beginning, I gave them some business/sales, and later I asked for a favor. 

Note: Without building powerful connections, this campaign is not possible to succeed.

2. Get Maximum Referral Traffic.

Our main was to bring referral traffic that can bring sales. To drive referral traffic, I did high low competitive keywords research that has buying intent from the user perspective as well as informative. Once it’s done, I started doing content planning. I pitch the idea to my targeted prospect, and after they approve it, I assign my content team to build content.

referral traffic - google analytics

3. Equal Benefit

One thing I was very clear that the site we are reaching; they know the value of the campaign. So we offer them something that they can’t reject. Here’re a few things you can propose to your targeted prospect for negotiation:

  • Partnership
  • Paid Article
  • Monthly Recurring Fees
  • High traffic opportunity

All of the opportunities you can use to show them their benefits.

4. Quality Content

Our strategic goal was to promote some specific content. We make sure that our content is market best and people love it. We added a lot of things to the content that people love. Later we pitch those content to our targeted sites that love us and tell us if we maintain the exact quality, they will promote us. And we did that. 

Step 2: Find High Authority Sites in Our Niche

Finding/sourcing sites isn’t a hard job. There are a lot of ways you can use to do that. But if you want to find quality sites, you have to do hard work once you will find a good website, you have to start backlink outreach very carefully.

The strategy should be unique. Don’t send them very generic messages that you normally use for buying guest posts. 

You can also directly call their advertising department if you have their contact and tell them what you want. Advertisement email/call can give you a response in a very short time.

Step 3: Offer them Most Value

Keep remembering that if you don’t provide them the proper value, they will reject your offer. Big sites deal with big things. If you think your offer is not good or they can decline it, you should work on your offer first. Do brainstorming to find out how you are different from others and why they should go with your proposal.

In our campaign, we were very less focused on business. You can do it too. The value can be any kind. Here’re some examples of what kind of value you can offer. 

  • Offer them great content
  • An insightful infographic 
  • Partnership
  • Help on research 
  • High traffic content suggested

This insight will give you some understanding of the value you can offer.

Step 4: Build content will rank #1

Once you are done with everything they agreed to publish your content, you have to start writing content that converts and ranks #1.

In this specific portion, we had market expertise and big resources to write the market best content. Don’t consider it as marketing content/guest post content. It’s the content that will bring your sale. Also, this kind of link is very powerful when it passes traffic to your website. Google gives actual value to those content.

Bonus Tip: Set Up Proper Tracking

You can use UTM to see the number of traffic you are getting from the website you are posting content. Also, if your website has a goal set up in Google Analytics, you can also see the number of sales you got.

link click dashboard- pretty links

You can also use tools link Pretty link in WordPress if you want to do an AB test of your product. In the pretty link, you can anytime change the URL.

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